You are currently viewing Ethereum’s (ETH) Bright Future: $27K Expert Prediction!
Ethereum's(ETH) Bright Future: $27K Expert Prediction!

Ethereum’s (ETH) Bright Future: $27K Expert Prediction!

Very exciting news for Ethereum (ETH) fans! A cryptocurrency expert named Ryan Berkmans believes that the price of Ethereum could go much higher in the coming times, perhaps reaching $27,000. Berkman, himself, is part of the Ethereum community and has a good knowledge of investing.

He shared his big prediction in an interview given to a website named Cointelegraph. According to Berkman, the price of Ethereum could range between $12,000 to $27,000 in the next year or two.

Why is Berkmans so bullish on Ethereum?

So well, a key reason for this is that miners, who help run Ethereum, are not selling as much as before. As Berkmans points out, miners have to regularly sell large amounts of coins to cover operating costs, which puts downward pressure on the prices of proof-of-work coins.
And, sold a lot of Ethereum to cover their costs, driving the price down.

But now, times are changing, Ethereum has recently switched to a new system called Proof-of-Stake. This means that miners do not need to sell as much Ethereum to cover their expenses.
Instead, they are encouraged to hold on to their Ethereum. This change is making a big difference to the price of Ethereum.

Ethereum's(ETH) Bright Future: $27K Expert Prediction!
Ethereum’s(ETH) Bright Future: $27K Expert Prediction!

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This is the first time that Ethereum has gone through a big price surge since the switch to proof-of-stake. Berkman says that even though Ethereum was undervalued compared to Bitcoin during the last price surge, Ethereum faced much higher costs from mining,

Berkman believes that due to the switch to proof-of-stake and fewer miners selling, Ethereum could see a nice bounce in price. He says that in this period of rising prices, we can see Ethereum reaching $27,000.

Simply put, Ethereum could be a good investment, due to changes in the way it operates and fewer miners selling their coins. There are good possibilities for increasing the price of Ethereum.

Note – This information is only for your knowledge, we do not advise investing anywhere. Do your research before investing anywhere, thank you.

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