Coinbase, a crypto exchange, now offers crypto futures to U.S. retail customers, marking a first in the industry.

Analysts expect Coinbase's entry to reinvigorate the stagnant crypto derivatives market.

Lucas Kiely, CIO of Yield App, believes this move can boost market confidence and momentum.

The crypto market has struggled due to global bank policies and issues at exchanges like FTX and Binance.

Coinbase enables U.S. retail traders to access bitcoin futures, potentially attracting more investors.

It's early to gauge Coinbase's impact, as product details remain unknown.

Cryptocurrency derivatives, introduced in 2014, let investors bet on bitcoin with minimal funds.

Institutional interest in crypto derivatives remains steady.

Crypto derivatives trading volume dropped by nearly 13% in July to $1.85 trillion, a yearly low.

Coinbase, with its strong reputation, may attract institutional clients and contribute to derivatives market growth.

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