Logan Paul is in trouble for saying he'd give back $2.3 million for CryptoZoo NFTs.

CryptoZoo is a game with crypto stuff that didn't make everyone happy.

Logan Paul said he'd use his own money to buy back the NFTs on January 4.

People can ask for their money back on a special website until February 8.

The most anyone can get back is 0.1 ETH for each NFT.

Logan Paul made it clear he won't pay people who lost money in risky trading.

If you want your money back, you have to promise not to sue Logan Paul about CryptoZoo.

A YouTuber named Tom Kherkher said Logan's plan is tricky and full of mistakes.

One big CryptoZoo supporter, Alan Wehbi, wasn't happy and talked about legal action.

Logan promised money back in 2023 too, but it's not clear if anyone got paid.