Cryptocurrency business ideas are ranked based on revenue, trend/popularity, and usage among crypto users.

– Two Types: Centralized (CEX) and Decentralized (DEX) – Ways to Earn: Transaction fees, escrow, listing fees, and more

10. Crypto Exchange:

– NFTs are unique digital collectibles – Income Sources: Listing, minting, bidding fees, trading, and staking

9. NFT Marketplace:

– Two Types: Custodial and Non-Custodial – Make money through commissions, fees, and staking

8. Crypto Wallet App:

– High potential and popularity – Profit from staking, swap fees, token events, and ads

7. DeFi Exchange Business:

– Create digital tokens – Raise funds through ICO or STO

6. Crypto Token Creation:

– Invest in crypto price changes – Offers quick profit but involves risk

5. Binary Trading Option:

– Validate Bitcoin transactions – Earn Bitcoin through mining

4.Bitcoin Miner:

– Stay updated on crypto news – Make money from ads and sponsorships

3. Crypto Industry Tracker:

– Protect crypto transactions from hackers – Requires knowledge of security tools

2. Cybersecurity:

– Promote a crypto through a network – Earn from promotions, commissions, and brokerages

1. Crypto MLM: